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Conceptual Design of Monocolumn Production and Storage With Dry Tree Capability

A new concept and a preliminary study for a monocolumn floating unit are introduced, aimed at exploring and producing oil in ultradeep waters. This platform, which combines two relevant features—great oil storage capacity and dry tree production capability—comprises two bodies with relatively independent heave motions between them.

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Experimental Set-Up for Analysis of Subsea Equipment Installation

This paper and the companion paper (Rateiro et al., 2011) present an illustrative case of the joint application of experimental tests and numerical simulations for the proper analysis of a complex offshore operation (launching of a sub-sea equipment using one or two vessels).

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Numerical and experimental procedure for designing sub-sea installation operations

Sub-sea equipment installations are very complex operations, requiring pre-installation analysis to define the correct procedure and the weather “window” for a safe operation. This paper addresses the installation of a Mid Water Arch (MWA) intended to provide support to the riser.

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