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Effects of Coupled Hydrodynamic in the Performance of a DP Barge Operating Close to a FPSO

In ocean systems composed by two or more closing floating bodies, coupled hydrodynamics effects must be considered. Dynamic positioned systems (DP), for example, need an accurate determination of environmental forces to guarantee a safe operation.

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Numerical and Experimental Tools for Offshore DP Operations

DP crane vessel operation can be analyzed based on the uncoupled system or considering the fully coupled system. Parameters such as top-crane acceleration, thruster capability and vessel motions are evaluated for several environmental conditions.

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Methodology for Evaluating DP Crane-Barge Operation in Close Proximity of a FPSO

This paper presents an analysis methodology for evaluating the operation of a DP crane-barge in close proximity to a FPSO. Offshore crane operations are critical, since the barge is kept in close proximity with other vessel or platform, and large loads are transported in a pendulum configuration.

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