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Effects of Coupled Hydrodynamic in the Performance of a DP Barge Operating Close to a FPSO


In ocean systems composed by two or more closing floating bodies, coupled hydrodynamics effects must be considered. Dynamic positioned systems (DP), for example, need an accurate determination of environmental forces to guarantee a safe operation. This work presents a numerical methodology,using the WAMIT code, to evaluate both first order motions and mean drift forces of a system composed by a DP Crane Barge operating close to a turret-moored FPSO. The first order wave forces were evaluated using the code standard method. The second order forces (or mean drift forces) wereobtained using the alternative control surface method. The work discussionsare centered on the effects of FPSO presence on DP Barge hydrodynamics. Two relative positions between vessels were evaluated as well as three FPSO drafts (full, intermediate and ballasted). The effects of wave incidence angle were also discussed.

Paper OMAE2011-49411, pp. 339-349. Link