TPN-USP Ship Maneuvering Simulation Center

The Numerical Offshore Tank Laboratory of the University of São Paulo - TPN-USP - operates 3 full mission simulators, 3 tug stations and a crane simulator for research and technical studies.

The simulators can be adapted to represent different kinds of vessels, operating in an individual or combined way.

TPN-USP develps the own mathematical model, based on a long-term experience in ship hydrodynamics, and follows ITTC procedures for calibration and validation of maneuvering models.

The technical cooperation with Brazilian Pilots Association and Brazilian Navy ensures that scientific knowledge is combined with practical expertise in favor of safety and optimization of nautical projects.

TPN-USP Ship Maneuvering Simulator Center is associated or affiliated to:

Brazilian Pilots Association - The laboratory has a technical cooperation with Brazilian Pilots Association that establishes a standard procedure for nautical studies, combining scientific knowledge and practical expertise.

PIANC - The World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure, established in 1885, is the global organisation providing guidance and technical advice for a sustainable waterborne transport infrastructure to ports, marinas and waterways.

ITTC – International Towing Tank Conference – founded in 1933, is a voluntary association of worldwide organizations that have the responsibility for the prediction of the hydrodynamic performance of ships and marine installations based on the results of physical and numerical experiments. Link

IMSF – International Marine Simulator Forum – founded in 1978, is an organization for professionals involved in the advancement of maritime education, training and research through the use of simulation.

Last Update 20/06/2020